Brutus Maximus Kit

Brutus Maximus Kit

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Printers:  Monoprice Select Mini, Malyan M200

Expands the standard printing dimension from 120mm  to 250mm in the Y-Axis, and from 120mm to 185mm in the X-Axis.

Kit Includes:

185mmx250mm Powder Coated Printer Deck

185mmx250mm .12" Aluminum Printer Bed 

(2) 8mmx300mm Y-Axis linear rods

(2) 6mm X-Axis linear rods

(1) 6mm GT2 Y-Axis Timing Belt

(1) 6mm GT2 X-Axis Timing Belt

Bracket mounting hardware (M3 bolts & nuts)

Zip Ties

 Note:  Newer model Monoprice and Malyan printers will need to print (4) linear rod brackets before attempting install.  Brackets are available on Thingiverse: